«All the mentees were highly grateful to their mentor, taking care of them, trying to understand them with sensibility and engagement: trust and confidence in them are what the mentees need firstly. All the mentors declared the motivation they felt during the experience, the complexity of tuning with the mentee and the final emotion to see the mentee discover him/herself and find new objectives in his/her life. A double result, therefore: the solution of the mentees’ needs and a great reward to the mentors involved. I would like to add a collateral result: the pleasure to work with a team rich in experience and creativity and to have strengthened the links among our Associations.» With these words, the project leader Mr Enrico Gennaro has well summarised the “practical results and implications” of the EvolYou didactic experimentation.

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🇬🇧 Newsletter #3 – September 2021
🇮🇹 Newsletter n. 3 – Settembre 2021
🇪🇸 Boletín Informativo #3 – Septiembre 2021
🇫🇷 Newsletter n° 3 – Septembre 2021
🇩🇪 Newsletter #3 – September 2021
🇫🇮 Tiedote nro. 3 – Syyskuu 2021

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Photo by Julius Drost @ Unsplash
📷 Photo by Julius Drost @ Unsplash

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