During 28 months, the main implemented activity by the EvolYou team was a Didactic Experimentation – the pilot –, which has foreseen training courses and Living Labs of mentoring in tandem: through a one-to-one matching, mentees were able to find a mentor each from the specific branch they were interested in.

The pilot was tested in 4 of the 6 partner countries, specialising target groups: in Italy, young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, aged 18-30; in Spain, young people aged 16-20 undergoing Basic Vocational Training with special educational needs or persistent economic problems; in France, apprentices and students in vocational education who are at risk of dropping out or NEETs, aged 15-25; in Finland, migrants, low qualified apprentices and VET dropping out students, aged 18-30.

The output resulting from the pilot was a collection of 4 VET Curricula for as many EU countries. About 35 pages, it is available in the 6 languages of the project (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Finnish).

🇬🇧 Didactic Experimentation – “Didactic Experimentation in 4 European countries for the social inclusion of young people in difficulties. VET Curricula”
🇮🇹 Sperimentazione Didattica – “Sperimentazione Didattica in 4 Paesi europei per l’inclusione sociale dei giovani in difficoltà. Curricula di formazione professionale”
🇪🇸 Experimentación Didáctica – “Experimentación Didáctica en 4 países europeos para la inclusión social de jóvenes con dificultades. Currículos de EFP”
🇫🇷 Expérimentation Didactique – “Expérimentation Didactique dans 4 pays européens pour l’inclusion sociale des jeunes en difficulté. Programmes de formation professionnelle”
🇩🇪 Didaktische Experimente – “Didaktische Experimente in 4
europäischen Ländern zur sozialen Eingliederung von Jugendlichen in Schwierigkeiten. Curricula für die Berufsbildung”
🇫🇮 Didaktinen Kokeilu – “Vaikeuksissa olevien nuorten sosiaalista
osallisuutta edistävä didaktinen kokeilu neljässä Euroopan maassa. Ammatillisen koulutuksen opetussuunnitelmat”

In addition, a Methodological Manual was produced to describe the methodology to be applied in the project. The development of this output was strictly linked to the pilot, following timing and feedback from it, up to the fine-tuning of the methodology itself and production of the training curricula.

The Manual, about 100 pages translated into the 6 languages of the project, is dedicated to the implementation of a new model of mentoring in tandem. Part 1 (Guidelines) sets up the pilot implementation; part 2 (The Model) collects the documentation supporting training and mentoring sessions, incorporating contributions from the partner testers and annexes.

🇬🇧 Methodological Manual – “Redesigning the future in tandem. A European model for the social inclusion of young people in difficulties”
🇮🇹 Manuale Metodologico – “Ridisegnare il futuro in tandem. Un modello europeo per l’inclusione sociale dei giovani in difficoltà”
🇪🇸 Manual Metodológico – “Rediseñar el futuro en tándem. Un modelo Europeo para la inclusión social de los jóvenes en situaciones difíciles”
🇫🇷 Manuel Méthodologique – “Repenser l’avenir en tandem. Un modèle européen pour l’insertion sociale des jeunes en difficulté”
🇩🇪 Handbuch zu Methodik – “Die Zukunft im Tandem neu gestalten. Ein europäisches Modell für die soziale Eingliederung von jungen Menschen in Schwierigkeiten”
🇫🇮 Metodologinen Käsikirja – “Tulevaisuuden uudelleensuunnittelu yhdessä. Eurooppalainen malli vaikeuksissa olevien nuorten sosiaaliseen osallisuuteen”

Finally, a Recommendations Paper – about 15 pages available in 6 languages – provides some recommendations to influence the political discussion on volunteering, mentoring and intergenerational cooperation at local, regional, national and European levels.

🇬🇧 Recommendations Paper – “Recommendations Paper on social inclusion of young people in difficulties”
🇮🇹 Paper di Raccomandazioni – “Paper di Raccomandazioni sull’inclusione sociale dei giovani in difficoltà”
🇪🇸 Documento de Recomendaciones – “Documento de Recomendaciones sobre la inclusión social de los jóvenes con dificultades”
🇫🇷 Document de Recommandations – “Document de Recommandations pour le mentorat de jeunes en difficulté”
🇩🇪 Empfehlungspapier – “Empfehlungen für das Mentoring junger Menschen in Schwierigkeiten”
🇫🇮 Suosituksen Asiakirja – “Suosituksia vaikeuksissa olevien nuorten mentorointiin”


These 18 publications are released as Open Educational Resources. They are “Free Cultural Works”, licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International – so their reproduction, distribution and circulation have consented. 📌

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Photo by Clark Tibbs @ Unsplash
📷 Photo by Clark Tibbs @ Unsplash