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The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services a.i.s.b.l., known as CESES, is a unique international not-for-profit association of 19 senior expert organisations from the Member States of the European Union.

Created almost 20 years ago (2000 is the year of its foundation) as the first legal entity of its kind, it is still the most important European-­wide grouping of experienced senior volunteers.

It encompasses the skills of over 25,000 senior volunteers contributing to intergenerational solidarity in the EU. Most experts are experienced trainers. Combining the vast resources of the member organisations, CESES offers professional, voluntary assistance and advice to NGOs, enterprises, institutions and individuals, in particular young people. Most of this activity is related to mentoring, non-formal training and coaching contributing to the development and employability of young Europeans and elsewhere in the world, through mobilising CESES’ extensive network of local volunteers. It also trains and motivates new volunteers harnessing the potential and expertise of an ever increasing number of older professionals, both retired and employed.

Equipping young people better for the labour market by matching its needs, on-­the-­job training, improving access to innovations, as well as relieving the strain of ageing population by helping people work longer, are contributions that CESES’ experts are ready to give in support of the EU programs, creating conditions for a more competitive economy with higher employment.

Important goals for CESES, its member associations and their experts are: to develop entrepreneurship education in order to support employability and business creation by taking into account the professional career paths of individuals; to foster provision of competences in training on entrepreneurship, reinforcing links between training and the world of work; to increase employability by offering tailor-­made counselling and support services; to facilitate the transition of learners from formal education to non-­formal training.

CESES is managed and run by volunteers. For each association, and for CESES itself, efficiency is natural as the organisations are managed mostly by volunteers providing highly qualified work for free.