🇫🇷 Échanges et Consultations Techniques Internationaux
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ECTI is a nonprofit organisation created in 1974. It is the eldest French association of senior volunteers, with a vision of assisting and helping individuals and organisations in France and abroad.

The association has around 2,000 active members, retired people who have a desire to utilise their skills and experience, transmit their knowledge and competences. They are spread over 14 regional and 54 local delegations covering the entire French territory. At the headquarter there are 5 salaried employees.

The 1,200 or so missions/year in France are distributed as follows: 40% into the very small and small business, 20% toward social activities, professional insertion and solidarity,  25% aimed at education (schools and universities) and 15% in the assistance of small public collectivities.

The international sector counts for around 300 missions on top of that, mainly in the emerging countries.

A very large part of the 20% social activities and most of the 25% education activities are aimed at young people, therefore around 35% of ECTI’s missions in France (more than 400 missions representing around 5,000 man-days) are touching the young generation, either through tutoring and coaching of students and trainees or NEETs and helping for successful professional insertion, or through conferences and interventions in every types of educational institutions.