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Immaginazione e Lavoro is a training agency that offers, since 1978, high profile training and orientation services based on the different needs of companies, people and territory. It is currently present in Piedmont with 4 offices, has 140 employees and 300 specialist collaborators.

In this context, it has developed several projects aimed at young people at risk, both Italian and foreign, aimed at combating bullying in school and early school leaving.

It is proposed as a partner of companies to activate funding opportunities for training and to facilitate the integration of staff.

The organization also promotes courses for employees, unemployed and apprentices. It provides mandatory, general, updating, technical and company-specific training services, for employees and managers.

A fundamental step in this reality is, in 2004, the founding act of “La Piazza dei Mestieri”, one of the first welfare communities in Italy where the school-work alternation system was implemented.

IL is a founding member of the ITS ICT Piedmont Foundation, which since 2015 is accredited by the European Commission and has obtained the ECHE—Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. It also involves its students in work placements abroad through the Erasmus+ HE programme, “Mobility for Individual Learning” KA1 activities.