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Nestor Partners ry is a nonprofit organisation established in Helsinki, Finland, in 1978. It is a community of experienced business executives, with members in business and society, board members, business experts and management mentors. Nestor Partners ry has decades long and successful careers in nonprofit organisations, corporations in various businesses and industries, government and public sectors and entrepreneurs and specialists both in Finland and abroad.

The association counts about 60 members, retired managerial level people who have large experience about business life, with long and successful careers and solid experience in various positions in companies, management tasks and functions. They offer their services alone or as a team, according to needs. The advisors of Nestor Partners ry work together with Chambers of Commerce, banks, insurance companies, associations of entrepreneurs, โ€œStartup Refugeesโ€ (a life-changing social initiative supporting refugees and newcomers with employment and entrepreneurship in Finland) and cities like Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Their main task is to help, support, tutoring and mentoring Finnish SMEs and startups pro bono. The goal is to provide broad and mature experience to different domestic and foreign organisations in Finland and internationally.