🇫🇷 Office Technique d’Études et de Coopération Internationales
🔗 oteci.asso.fr

OTECI, one of the three main associations of seniors in France, is a nonprofit organisation. About 400 senior volunteers are executing assignments and missions in France and international countries.

OTECI’s experts are motivated and experienced seniors, mainly managers, from various companies in many sectors, their professional career being conducted in France and internationally. Since volunteers come from different industries, they are able to offer services in very different areas and domains (e.g. industrial affairs management, financing and accounting, environment, compliance with regulations, quality assurance, legal and property rights).

The headquarter is in Paris, the regional offices in Lyon, Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence and Caen.

In the world of business, volunteer consultants of OTECI bring their experience and expertise in all strategic fields. May it be on cash management, human resources, negotiation, communication or many other fields, they have the capacity to guide and assist beneficiaries in achieving their plans. The volunteers are retired and use their professional experience in order to resolve issues in the companies asking for support.

In the world of university and schools, OTECI’s aim is to contribute to the immersion of students into professional life by guiding them to understanding of the world of business, by making them aware of their future work environment, by reporting on ongoing changes and by helping them to find their place in this new world, first with traineeships, then with a job.

OTECI works also for the French Ministry of National Education.